Mirror as Portal Index

Title Creator Media Year Link
Morning Mirror / Evening Mirror LaTurbo Avedon Video 2021
Stages of Mourning Sarah Pucill Photography 2004
The Miraculous Mirror Unknown Engraving 18th century
Heisenberg's Magic Mirror of Uncertainty Duane Michals Photography 1998
Fortune Teller Svetlana Karl Bryullov Painting 1836
The Penitent Magdalen Georges de La Tour Painting 1640
Parallax (Candles and Mirror) Berenice Abbott Photography 1950
The Mirror Wassily Kandinsky Linocut 1950
Vanitas Jan Sanders van Hemessen Painting 1535
Grand Calme Martine Syms Video, Installation and Performance 2018
Vanitas Still Life with Self-Portrait Pieter Claesz Painting 1628
Reifying Desire 3: The Immaculate Conception of Doubting Thomas Jacolby Satterwhite Video 2012
Hyperlinks or it didn't happen Cecile B Evans Video 2014
Mirror Piece I Joan Jonas Performance 1969
Emobot Antoine Catala Video 2014
Octagon for Münster Dan Graham Installation 1987
Warm, Warm, Warm Spring Mouths Ed Atkins Video 2013
Melancholy Melchiorre Barthel Sculpture 1674